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Lovesac is an American furniture retailer, specializing in a patented modular furniture system called Sactionals. Sactionals consist of two combinable pieces, “Seats” and “Sides,” as well as custom-fit covers and associated accessories. Lovesac also sells Sacs, a beanbag filled with a proprietary foam mixture.


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Former Employee - Store Associate says

"All of it. It was overall a terrible experience"

Former Employee - Manager says

"I've seen it all. The company is constantly changing processes procedures. You will always be left with whiplash trying to keep up. You will always be wrong. Instead of focusing on sales and customers the company had the brilliant idea of overloading the stores with responsibilitys that should be on the corporate team which they fired during covid and are too cheap to bring them back. All the stores are overwhelmed. Work life balance is absolutely laughable. They don't pay you enough and they expect you to be available day and night some shifts til 2am and they will tell you that it's part of the job. The pay is miserable and you won't get bonuses or raises. There is absolutely no upward mobility unless they are desperate. They will always go with an external hire that's cheaper and the new guy doesn't know the ways they stab them in the back. Run away.. Do not work here. It's all lies. Shawn Nelson makes the occasional PR appearance but he doesn't care and he's not a real part of the day to day stuff. They preach values but far from live up to them. Noone speaks up because they are all afraid of being fired. The Corp team says they will listen to their stores but it's a trap. There's no transparency, there's no respect. Benefits are crap nothings covered."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Feel like you have no life Inefficient training High expectations Upper Management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"*Smoke and mirrors* Company will “talk” about promotions for months but will never actually follow through. 1. No work/life balance 2. Cannot use PTO for half the year due to continuously changing blackout periods 3. Company morale is low 4. Treats employees very unfair/rude 5. Work is never ending and unrealistic 6. Unrealistic team/sale goals 7. Management is poor"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Management. It’s robotic and there is no autonomy or reasoning to anything. If staffing was low I would work 7 days a week and sometimes just a few hours. They hated overtime. When asked for help with staffing they would blame me for it even though they didn’t stay up to date with job sites. No expectations were set yet they wanted to hold you accountable to them."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Having to apologize to customers for company's failed promises Broken promises by management to employees"


"The challenges stem from a complete disconnect between HQ and people on the front lines in the stores. They expect sales results and we deliver only to have our fulfillment department or returns/exchange team mess it all up. Don't even bother with XPO delivery. Lovesac has operational systems that do not work. iPads that freeze, time out, don't connect to the Clover device for running payments. There is a back log of customers that are waiting on their product. A simple exchange has turned into a nightmare. For whatever reason we can't seem to get product released in a timely manner if any changes have been made to that order. Example; a customer buys a couch and decides to add a few more pieces a few days later. Their order gets put on a hold. There is NO phone number for us to call to get this rectified. No email. Our DMs try and can't get product released. The ticketing system we are supposed to use for communication has been cut off. We have customers calling us and screaming over phone to release their purchase. This kind of irresponsible business practice is going to be the demise of Lovesac."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"This company is pure chaos and inconsistency. Sales dates are constantly changing without notice. Policies change all the time without notice. Communication in the company is nonexistent. It sometimes takes a whole week to get an answer when there's an angry customer jumping down your throat. Sales goals are like punishments, because you can never reach them. Do not work as an associate here. You will be completely overworked and have to do a lot of things above your paygrade, and then you will be treated like garbage. Find any other retail store and they will treat you better and you won't have to do as many ridiculous things. Training is a mess, and there is nonstop micromanaging. Minimum wage, no commission, and even if you DO meet those sales goals, your managers will bonus and you get nothing but told that you could do better every 3 months during 'coaching'. If you have any talent in sales, don't give this talent to lovesac. They are only interested in getting warm, disposable bodies in their stores."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"No raise ,minimum wage,bad environment,petty staff"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Don't treat employees right You can sell so much to this company and not receive anything for how much you sell"

Store Manager/Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"You are not set up with the training to be successful, the micro management is mind numbing and pointless from the executive level down. There is zero empathy in regards to you as a person. While I worked 6 days a week which wasn't supposed to happen, I asked to leave 2 hours early one day because I need to get some things done for the holidays if it was slow. I was told if it was slow to call quotes. I had been working 6 days a week and had the coverage to leave and that is how they treat you. That's just one example. The other associates are miserable and toxic. Worst culture, management, I have ever seen. While I was there entire stores would walk out on the same day, 4-5 associates quitting. The entire warehouse quit. They keep trying to do things the same way and have had staffing issues for 3 years and wonder why? They treat their people terribly. They wanted me to fire my assistant manager by over documenting, when there wasn't good reasoning to do so. Just bad people."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I feel my time here was such a disappointment and waste of my time. The store manager was the example of disgusting temperament and lack of leadership. She yelled scared way customers in a daily basis until her intire team quit. The abuse was ridiculous my last straw was when I did not receive my check only to get “it’s unfortunate” beware of this place unless you love a ridiculous roller coaster ride"

Accounts Payable Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was hired as temp to perm as a/p manager/ Was told that they would be replacing incumbent. After two days I was let go for no reason. Received e mail not to return. Later found out that they decided to keep individual they had. I had turned down two job offers to work for Lovesac. What they did was completely unprofessional and deceitful. Do not think of working for them without a contract. They will lie to your face.none crowded quartersunprofessional lie to your face terrrible management"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has a great concept and great product, but has ways to go on how they treat their employees. Company promises customers product by a certain time, however when they are not able to deliver they let the associate take the blame.Great productShipping issues. Admitting to mess ups"

Digital Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"you will be underpaid and undervalued regardless if you make the company your LIFE working 10 hour days at the office, then when you get home and put in 10 hours over the weekend, you will be 100% replaceable to them.nonetoo many"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Terrible place to work. The "family" they like to brand themselves as is nothing more than a wool over your eyes. They'll get rid of you in a heartbeat and that's not what families do. No work/life balance as they expect you to bend over backwards for the better of the company with no motivation to do so. Do yourself a favor and say NO to joining the Lovesac "family". The retail stores are even worse. Many of the stores don't even have restrooms in them! Stay away! I'll be leaving as soon as I can find a new job!Great people in stores and some at corporate.Sexist environment, no work/life balance, no reviews or opportunities for advancement. The list goes on..."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Cut throat. Underpaid. No chance to grow within. Anyone below a store manager is worthless/replaceable. Overpriced, clients get ripped off. STAY AWAY!"

Store Leader (Former Employee) says

"Inconsistency across all upper management. Often worked from open till close, often worked alone. In management there is no work life balance. No set policies, policies changed weekly depending on the mood of corporate. Absent district manager. HR non exsistent."

Slave (Current Employee) says

"Long hours, staff set up to burn-out & fail. Extremely poorly managed. Staff has is set up to burn-out to fix the problems created by the extremely poor management."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Being overworked and underpaid typifies this company. Hourly only, even when you have a sales goal and meet or exceed it. No training. Am almost on-call, as many employees call in sick all the time. Constant pressure to sell, sell, sell, no matter what. And even when you sell big-time, management still gripes. Must find another job before my stress does me in.Dress as you like.Under pressure all the time."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Worked there for years. Enjoyed it for the most part, but then they brought in new management and the work/life/balance changed real quick. They have too many chiefs and not enough indians. Everyone is replaceable no matter how long you have been there. Management is do as I say not as a I do. There is no true leadership within. Just a bunch of bullies. note to management-follow the lawemployee discount-if you can afford the productno work life balance."

General Manager (GM) says

"Lovesac does not care about their employees. I worked there for over a year and made them thousands of dollars. But after I was going through a divorce and moving to a completely different state, I wanted to keep working for them. The upper management heard my request to transfer, and then through me to the side like I never worked for them. They will do the same to you."

HQ employee (Former Employee) says

"Turn over if high. The new management cares very little for the employees. There are way to many directors and managers that have roles based on tenure and not qualifications. The product and drive of the CEO is the only thing that is keeping the company afloat. If upper level management doesn't look for solutions instead of playing games even the best product in the world can't save them."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company in its current state is very different from the mission statement it projects. They are corporate focused instead of employee or customer focused. This is a great product, however changes in upper management and a poor onboarding training program has resulted in high management turnover in the field and many unhappy employees. There are inconsistencies within middle management which create a culture of paper pushers instead of leaders. Teams are bullied into meeting sales goals and most employees live in fear of being fired on a moments notice. The downfall of this business structure is tragic- the company's starting salaries are above average but do not offset the stress and frustration that accompanies it.Above average starting salaries, loyal customersPoor upper management, negative work environment"

Sales Lead (Current Employee) says

"Don’t do it!! Still so many kinks the company needs to work out! Unfair pay! No room for growth! Unorganized and extremely slow on a lot of days! Overall it’s an okay place, but could be insanely better!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Upper management is bad and has favorites, They hire friends and family members and do not promote from within. Good luck with advancing with this company. Store managers have no time for family due to scheduling requirements. Raises are small after one year and are usually 5-15 cents.The company has a hard time hiring team members because of the low pay scale.Great ProductsBad Upper Management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Fun and interesting in the beginning, but I've been working too many hours because they won't hire more than 3 people for my store (including the manager). It's dead sometimes but the managment makes it seem like the lack of people who want to buy expensive couches is your fault because you don't spam email everyone you can. The managment is promoted through favoritism not through actual abilities. They also mess up so many things through bad systems which causes customers to call and be very upset over their orders that sometimes won't be fixed until sometimes months after they first ordered.Mall discountsManagement, refund procedures, slowness"

Store Leader/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Everyone starts off with a “Great Welcome”, and it progressively deteriorates from there. You become just a number. Upper management was incompetent and condescending. Moreover, the company policy regarding your paid days off is unrealistic. Most of the time you can’t get your time off due to black out periods. If you don’t take the days within a certain time you lose the pay. pay"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company is in the process of trying to go public. As a result everything and everyone is acceptable collateral damage as they try to create "the story" needed for their success.Good discount. Great people in stores.Upper management. Everyone is expendable."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's sad to see what could be such an awesome company to work for, treat it's employees so poorly. When will corporate companies realize that they need to invest in their staff? I worked here for as long as I did because I love the product, my store manager and co-workers were the best, and I was hoping things would turn around. It's not an easy job- no sales job is easy. We had huge sales goals with no incentive. I hit those goals because I enjoy working hard, but for minimum wage? They offer no benefits and keep everyone at part-time except for management. No wonder they can't keep stores staffed. Anyone looking for retail can stand in a Marshalls, do 10% of the work and get paid the same. Anyone looking for career advancement, don't listen to their lies, they never hire within. I watched my store manager, the top salesman for 7 years straight, get denied promotion after promotion. I watched my co-worker get denied Assistant Management position because she "wasn't cut out for the job" even though she was the #2 salesperson in the company, had amazing customer service, and had been working there for five years. Overall, until Lovesac can put employees first, don't work here.Cool product, nice co-workersno benefits, no advancement, low pay"

David Vincent says

"Several months ago we purchased the Sactional from Lovesac. Most reviews we read were 4 and 5 Stars. Only a few expressed some level of disappointment in the lack of comfort this piece of furniture provides. I'm posting in agreement. We chose the Sactional for many reasons. It is large enough to fill the space we have. It is very easily customized. The covers can be washed. There are many features that set it apart from other similar pieces. These features of course are expensive. It was the most expensive option of those we considered. We upgraded to the nicest fill specifically to ensure it was comfortable. Unfortunately, the insufficient depth of the seats and the lack of cushioning makes it only comfortable for sitting up straight, feet on the floor. Sitting between two sections is very uncomfortable and sliding forward to put your feet up on a table is as well. It's beautiful but not comfortable."

Michael Gallo says

"Be very careful when ordering and make sure you are well aware of the size. This was a manic purchase and it turned out to be way too large for our apartment. The return policy seems okay until you try to arrange the item to be returned. We were told a third party would be responsible for the pick-up and they would contact us directly and make the arrangements. Well, over three weeks later, there is still no confirmed pick-up date established and it’s becoming quite frustrating. FYI… We do not live in a rural area in the middle of no and where. We are located in a big city and yes we realize we are in the middle of a pandemic but… C’mon Man!!!"

Anne says

"Thought this would be great actually most uncomfortable furniture ever and doesn\'t stay together well at all constantly pushing back into place.... big mistake in buying this ready to replace with a second hand sofa and toss this out.." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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